Directory of Crowdfunding Platforms for the Third Sector

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We have found 28 sites offering crowdfunding facilities which relate to the Third Sector – ie charities, social enterprises and not for profits.  This is not to say there are more – do please let us know if you come across any (or are one yourself!).  There may be others which have relevance to the Third Sector but don’t make this obvious.

We’ve split the directory into 2 chunks, in alphabetical order.  For each platform we have put a short description.  If we do not specify “No Fees”, then that platform does charge for their services.  There is a link to a longer piece which, where the information is available:

  • describes the product
  • summarises their costs and
  • has a link to their website.

If you find errors, do let us know!  And we also are not voicing any opinion as to which is a better platform than any other – we’ll leave that decision to you!  We would be very interested in your experiences though.

Births, Deaths and Marriages

This is a fast moving sector, where new platforms appear quickly, older ones disappear and mergers happen frequently.  There is little regulation in the crowdfunding sector so you are advised to do your homework and your own due diligence.  We’d love to hear how you get on, and are happy to publish your reviews of platforms.  Contact us here.

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Directory of Crowdfunding Platforms for the Third Sector

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